Tech Tuesdays: Live on the Wire! Harley Davidson’s New “Livewire” E-Bike Emerges

So Harley Davidson is making electric Bikes! I could not help but think of Elastigirl from Incredibles II, leaping from building to building trying to catch that runaway train. 

I also could not help but think of how big the Electric Vehicle (EV) market has grown since 2008.  The Edison Electric Institute (EEI) boasts a record of 1 million electric vehicles on the US roads as of October 2018. Who knows how large that number has grown as of today. Now, even two-wheeler motorists can join the movement with Harley Davidson’s Livewire Electric Motorcycle model. Harley currently has little to no competition, meaning they can really set this off. Only time will tell.

Harley CEO, Matt Levatich made a very smart move by not only showcasing his concept designs a few years back, but collected feedback from a wide spectrum of motorcyclists across the United States. (This a smart move that not many companies take the time to do.)


Harley Davidson CEO Interview

Levatitch claims on this CNBC interview that EV technology creates new riders, saying “There is something incrementally valuable here in this technology.” and I agree. With an intense change in maneuverability, it seems there is actually an increase in ease and comfort for an E-motorcyclist. Crouching on top of a roaring 1500cc engine and having gears to change through is replaced with a uniform drive train and much added torque. This creates a more seamless ride for any paying customer.

I am excited to see the future for EV’s of all shapes, sizes and applications and will boldly state that Harley is merely one of many more to come. 

Image Sourced from (see description)

To my expert motorcyclists, what are your thoughts? Can you see yourself just like Helen Par, the Elasitgirl stunt bike superhero? Is there an achievable and promising economic future for electric motorcycles?

Feel free to watch the animation above as you provide your thoughts.

Thanks for Reading


(As a believer of accountability and prose, all graphics and content have been properly sourced in the above passage.)

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