A New Normal

Hi, My name is Benjamin Tomlinson and simply put..I SUPPORT BLACK OWNED BUSINESSES! So much so, that I am pledged my dollar to them for thirty (30) days. Furthermore, I want to cultivate a virtual space where EVERYONE can access them wherever they are.

In doing my research, I learned that the exposure of BLACK Owned Businesses is important, access to them is even more important, but a genuine experience at these establishments is what keeps people coming back. That is where I was inspired to create ourpalate.com!

This allows the community as a whole to CONTINUOUSLY engage in the promotion and consumption of local BLACK owned businesses.

Our Palate + Nspire, how it all connects.

Our Palate Site Launch, Trailer

A Targeted Call-To-Action to #buyblacknow

Here’s How It Works

Step 1: eNcourage

We must first encourage
each other to attend Nspire Nights, by EPN! At these Nspire Nights, we exemplify our commitment to #buyingblack, we connect with local BLACK-Owned Business Owners and discuss actionable steps to further enhance the economic transit of the BLACK dollar.

Step 2: chaNge

Then we must change
how we spend. Together we can assemble a Black- Owned Self Sustaining (BOSS) Starter Pack that outlines our strategic plan and provides resources to effectively #buyblackonly for 30 days. This includes how we eat, how we bank, where we buy clothes, even what cellular services we use!

Step 3: inNOvate

Lastly, we innovate
the way we operate as a community. Our Palate is a safe space to showcase Our people, and Our Products. A BLACK mecca that provides unlimited access and exposure for both consumers and business owners. After following steps 1 and 2, Our Palate is an innovative third step forward. Say NO to the current standards for how much the BLACK dollar circulates. Welcome a New Normal for how we spend. Implement our strategic plan, and continue to grow Our Palate.

TUNE INTO @our.palate on instagram for the most recent updates on our next big move!

Hold fast to dreams….for if dreams die, life is but a broken-winged bird that cannot fly

Langston Hughes