Eaton Hops On Board, The Circuit Board (Tech Tuesdays)

Eaton, the company that specializes in “Powering business worldwide” has hopped on board! What board? The circuit board! What does this circuit board power? The intricate world of sustainable transportation and its journey to technology innovation.

Dear readers,
In 2008, Elon Musk, the co-founder and CEO of Tesla ventured into a frontier with his Tesla Roadster. A frontier that few others dared to go before. That frontier was the electrification of automobiles. The automobile industry has endured a successful 100 year-long reign on the same platform, Internal Combustion Engines. Despite this tenured institution, along with political protocol and economic roadblocks, Tesla Motors survived through it all and has matriculated tremendously, leading the EV market and sparking a new movement of vehicles that run on battery power, are quieter than a mouse and can be summoned to your exact location at the touch of a button. This, my friends, is the dawn of the sustainable transportation movement and is literally spreading across America.
The beauty of this is that transportation is such a vital part of how society operates. We pride ourselves in harnessing the power of a combustion engine that propels us effortlessly across large distances at 80+ miles per hour (let’s be honest, not everyone goes the speed limit). We distinguish ourselves by driving luxury line vehicles that empower us and our passengers. Soon enough there will be a new age of the automobile experience that will completely change how we get from point A to point B. Just wait and see, how bright the future can be.

Sincerely, BKT

Enough with my love-letter-of-an aside, let’s get back to Eaton. A good friend of mine who works there sent me this link to the Eaton E-Mobility website. Eaton seems like the perfect candidate to adopt an EV subsidiary. With their tenure in power electronics and digital processing, I have no doubt that their Electric Vehicle (EV) will be amazing. The video below is a correlation to the breakdown of Eaton’s processes and what other companies have already implemented. Two YouTubers give us an inside view of the “vehicle packaging” capabilities of Tesla, GM and BMW’s electric vehicles. Have a look.

So back to my aside, to my engineering friends, it is indeed important to note where these companies are going. Yes, some may just be using “renewable” and “electrification” as buzz words for more publicity and to broaden their moral compass, but others truly mean it. There are corporations out there that are not only in tune with sustainable transportation, but they are also in tune with innovation. Innovation is a beautiful world that inspires continual technological superiority. It is the birthplace of engineering excellence, scientific breakthrough, the achievement of the impossible, all of the above.

As I have mentioned before and will mention yet again, reaching a sustainable future for energy is a multifaceted problem. Companies like Eaton are exploring EV platforms and how to integrate them with any current business models. They are continuing the trend of energy efficiency and sustainable transportation, bringing society to the cusp of a haven for safer, cleaner, smoother and more efficient vehicles that will transform the automobile experience forever.
If you really don’t believe my rather philosophical statement, just watch this short video below and, ask yourself “What does innovation really look like?”

CLICK to watch Eaton E-Mobility

Thanks for Reading.


(As a believer of accountability and prose, all graphics and content have been properly sourced in the above passage.)

Eaton E- Mobility | Featured Image | Comparing EVs

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